402 // Juan Soto – Malfunctioning Planet (Original Mix)

Juan Soto is back on Astrolead Recordings with a vital cut for the lovers of Synthwave out there.

If there is something we learned from Juan Soto’s forthcoming release on Astrolead Recordings, the proficient retro-infused imprint curated by master Ilya Santana (SXDNS072), is that planets – and galaxies – can malfunction. The Mexican virtuoso pitches his unique and striking theory by presenting his arguments through magnificent synth layers and vocoder-soaked chants, something rather different from his more recent works, either originals or collaborations, published on vital labels such as Boite Music, Espacio Cielo, Spa In Disco, and Astrolead itself, which ratifies Juan’s plural capabilities as a producer.

For his well-constructed and exquisite “Malfunctioning Planet”, he summoned another respected authority on the matter: Manuel Costela contributed with a heavier but equally cosmic interpretation of the hypothesis. The Madrid-based artist put aside his characteristic Disco & House sonority and opened the vault of his darker influences this time to bring to life a fatter and robust take.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Juno Download page of the label.

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