406 // JG Outsider – Can’t We Slepping

JG Outsider is back on NEIN with a killer EP featuring a killer remix by Andrea Acosta.

Javi Golo is no outsider when it comes to the underground electronic music scene. The seasoned Spanish artist has been fighting the good fight for quite some time now – since 1984, to be more precise. Being on the road for such a spell turns the mission of sticking to one single genre virtually impossible if you are a true music lover. House, Techno, Trance, combined with Disco, Synthwave, Hi-NRG, resulted in the eclectic and rich sonority he has been dedicating his efforts for the last couple of years with well-received works published on vital labels such as Espacio Cielo, Logia Records, Banshees, and NEIN – to which he returns now to deliver a horrifying and daunting EP: “Dracul” presents itself with four shadowy originals, a couple of fangs, and a gory remix by rising Mexico-based producer Andrea Acosta.

For the track we chose to premiere – the most beautiful of the release, by the way –, JG Outsider opens the tomb of his darkest influences in order to deliver a stunning Cold-Wave-meets-EBM cut with a powerful but sober bearing. The jumping bassline allied with the ghostly pad and the ethereal synth lead supply the perfect ambience for the mesmerizing vocal hooks and deliver the perfect closing theme for a great EP.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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