410 // H – Tócame (Cubebass Remix)

What a stunning remix by Cubebass for H's forthcoming EP on Quixotical Records! Check it out!

The cool Vilnius/Buenos Aires-based label, expertly curated by Aurum Miles and Poulper (SXDNS146/FREEDL028), Quixotical Records, opens its doors to H, a Mexican duo whose interesting multi-genre sonority consists in combining acoustic and electronic instruments in order to deliver a fresh take on Techno, French Touch, and Funk with the influence of Latin music elements. The single “Tócame”, for instance, brings the duo flirting with their Deep & Soulful influences by delivering a smooth and sexy cut which was properly twisted and entangled by the competent team of talents invited to remix it: Cali Burton, Chinosynth (FREEDL021), Cubebass, and Poulper himself were not afraid to bring the title track to their own turfs and come up with extremely different interpretations of it.

Take Cubebass’ version for example: The young and skilled Mexican producer started his assignment by speeding things up – from 120 to 175 BPM (!) – and then converting the sober 4×4 pattern into a frenzied breakbeat structure. The outcome: A stunning Drum & Bass remix with a Jazzy and sophisticated gait – still smooth and sexy, but with a more KAPOW! aura, in our humble opinion. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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