414 // Montessori & Lusca – Back On The Motorway (Eddie Lanzat Remix)

Great remix by Eddie Lanzat for Montessori & Lusca's new endeavour coming soon on NEIN Records.

Another powerful release lands on the mighty British label NEIN Records: “Back On The Motorway” is the fruit of the interesting collaboration between none other than Montessori and Lusca (SXDNS216), two skilled and respected Mexican artists who decided to join forces for the first time ever to bring to life a couple of darkness-infused bangers. On the remix duty: Bucharest-based producer Valentin Gabriel Pandelescu aka Eddie Lanzat contributed with an exciting interpretation of the title track.

With recent appearances on HEARec, Nothing Is Real, and Play Pal Music, Montessori impresses with a refined ability of seamlessly gathering Alternative Rock, Post-Punk, and New Wave elements in his productions, while Lusca draws attention due to his more acid and intricate sonority whose result can be found on vital imprints such as Innisfallen, Golden Soul, and NEIN itself.

Eddie, in turn, joined the party with his characteristic cosmic/dark-matter-soaked favourite concoction – this time incremented with some Industrial garnishment to spice things up. His debut on Sir Neil Parnel’s roster couldn’t be more crowned, we dare say.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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