419 // El Remolón – Frágil (Cuervo Cuervo Remix)

We invite the Slo-Mo vibes fans out there to take a peek at this stunning remix by Cuervo Cuervo for El Remolón's forthcoming appearance on Fértil Discos.

Let’s go Balearic, shall we?

Released in August last year in digital and vinyl formats, the well-received album “Asimétrico” by Argentinian producer El Remolón is back on the interesting Buenos Aires-based Fértil Discos, this time featuring its remixed versions. For the occasion, a true dream team of rising Balearic/Downtempo talents was gathered: Cuervo Cuervo, Mente Orgánica, and Bakur for the Part 1; and Mōiqe, Balam (SXDNS048), SebaSchiume, and Humano for the Part 2. Each artist brought their respective assigned tracks to their own turf and came up with insightful interpretations of the solid originals.

El Remolón is an inspiring project by Andres Schteingart. Considered one of the pioneers of the movement Cumbia Digital, he skilfully experiments with many Latin American rhythms in order to deliver an insightful take of refreshing and multi-layered electronic music. Besides Fértil, other vital labels such as Wonderwheel, Circle Of Dreams, Camel Riders, Folcore, The Magic Movement, and ZZK Records, just to name a few, also published his works.

Cuervo Cuervo, in turn, is the project of American producer Benjamin Hill and Argentinian musician Agustin Ganem. If on “Asimetrico” they appear as co-authors of “Fragil”, they now return as remixers of their own creation (a task that sometimes is not so easy as it may sound), by delivering a sort of less acoustic and more electronic reinterpretation – both mesmerising in our humble opinion.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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