429 // A_P_F_L – Feels To Be

It's that time of the year the labels wrap up their season by releasing a last endeavour: Today's premiere brings A_P_F_L's massive tune on a forthcoming VA on Dance Petrol Records.

The cool German label Dance Petrol Records closes its 2022 season by delivering the second instalment of its well-curated VA series “Selected Fuels”. Yes, before you ask, “fuels”, in this context, means “tracks”, and yes, they are called this way because they are meant to ignite frenzy (aka wreak havoc) on the dance floor.

For the occasion, artists from all over Europe were invited to bring their own interpretation of House Music: Etur Usheo, Masupilami, A_P_F_L, Philip Habel, Jonas Gottlieb, Schegg, Passerines, and So.undso, veteran members of the label roster, received the company of Orbital Drum System and Robotiq, the newcomers.

Premiered here, A_P_F_L’s contribution is a refreshing 136-BPM cut. Featuring a KAPOW bassline, “Feels To Be” also presents dreamy chords and spot-on vocal hooks that establish a sober but upbeat atmosphere. It should be longer, though: Its less-than-five-minute length is simply not enough to be properly danced to. But anyway, it is still longer than his previous 3:41-minute appearance on “Selected Fuels 001”. Slowly, the promising Hamburg-based producer is getting there. 😉

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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