447 // Sahar – Dust (Original Mix)

Considered by the Paradiso Records crew one of their favourite artists, Sahar is back on the label with another insightful display of his talent.

Home for both rising and established artists, Paradiso Records opens its doors once again for the skilled Middlesbrough-based DJ and producer Sahar, whose third appearance on the respected British label, curated by REES, counts with an outstanding remix made with love by German virtuoso Dominik Marz.

Already the owner of a signature sonority despite his young age, Sahar is one of those kids who love to explore retro-infused soundscapes combined with House & Techno elements in his productions. The result is an interesting and rich concoction of flavours and aromas that pair perfectly with many different kinds of dance floors. Such outcome can be checked in his previous works on NEIN, Midnight People, Me Me Me, and of course, Paradiso, to which he is now back with his riveting “Magenta” EP.

Premiered here, “Dust”, the second track of the release, is a trippy and frolic cut which delivers a soothing but upbeat moment between the frenziness of the title track and the bliss of Dominik’s remix. Mellow synth layers and cheery percussive elements were brought together to give birth to a beautiful theme.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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