449 // Eftersom – Tourne Tourne (Radial Gaze ‘Pop’ Remix)

Radial Gaze innovated by doing not one but two remixes for Eftersom's forthcoming appearance on Paradise Children Records.

Operating from sundered soils, Eftersom is a triangle formed between Ravage Sentimental, close collaborator Jérôme Darmois, and Chris Vella aka Moderne Romance. The term “Eftersom” is used as a nod to their cross-border bond, a bond galvanized by a simple love of music, unwavering creative drive, and a fair collection of imperfect studio gear.

With their LP “Lie” on Paradise Children Records lined up for the second half of 2023, here the trio present “Tourne Tourne”, a precursor to the project which comes coloured with remixes made with love by Niv Ast, Mufti, Radial Gaze, and Ravage Sentimental herself. Radial Gaze offers up two unique takes: a ‘Pop’ and an ‘Indie’ version, by the way. The prolific Russian duo, formed by skilled producers Andrey and Stas, spared no efforts to deliver such insightful interpretations.

Premiered here, their ‘Pop’ remix lays pellucid twinkles over tight, sharp rhythms, bringing the energetic original to a journey through the low-BPM realm wrapped with a Synthpop crust and a sober but upbeat gait.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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