450 // Bogdan Ra – Royal Flush

There's a new label in da good music neighbourhood: Spazio starts its activities with an ace VA. Check Bogdan Ra's contribution to the occasion.

Premiering releases of established labels is definitely a great responsibility. A challenge that, of course, we feel an enormous pleasure in accomplishing. We have a confession, though: Every time we are requested to review a track of the very first release of a new imprint, we feel something else, a different kind of bond as if we were going to be part of the history of the new project forever. With the kick-off of Spazio Label, things would not be different: We feel truly honoured for having the privilege of reviewing a piece of the Russian platform’s debut release. And what a debut!

Featuring 12-made-with-love cuts, soon available in K-7 and digital formats, the volume one of the VA “Spazio Invasore” showcases the rich sonority of the project by bringing together friends & resident DJs and their respective contributions: Nu Disco, New Beat, Indie Dance, Proto House, Neo Italo, and Modern Disco were brought the party.

The theme we were solicited to present, Bogdan Ra’s “Royal Flush”, is a game-winner. Beautiful arpeggios, melodic guitar riffs, dreamy pads, frolic percussive elements, and a dynamic bassline set the mood of the funkiest theme of the compilation.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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