472 // Celestino & SXDNS Soundsystem – R.I.D. (Endrik Schroeder Pump Remix)

Celestino & SXDNS Soundsystem land on Espacio Cielo remixed by Endrik Schroeder, Bonnie Spacey, and Parissior.

Celestino (SXDNS009/FREEDL005/FREEDL054) is finally back on Espacio Cielo. After his well-received single “Sehnsucht”, released in 2020, his forthcoming EP on the Spanish powerhouse brings two massive originals, inspired by lucid dreams on Robert Johnson’s and Panorama Bar’s dance floors, and three essential remixes made with love by none other than Bonnie Spacey (SXDNS337/BLOG010), Endrik Schroeder (SXDNS336), and Parissior (SXDNS206/FREEDL043/TAKEOVER002/BANDCAMP002/RASTROLIVE009), the label boss himself. For extra inspiration, the vaults of his influences as SXDNS Soundsystem were opened: read speed and stamina.

Premiered here, Master Schroeder’s version of the title track goes to infinity & beyond with its Hi-NRG-on-acid-meets-Trance aura. Adding clout to the mellow but upbeat original, the acclaimed French artist, with previous works published on Ritmo Fatale, Bordello A Parigi, Luv Shack, Ombra International, Critical Monday, and Roam, just to name a few, debuts on Espacio with an AAA+ interpretation.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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