474 // So.undso – Stromabwärts

German duo So.undso are back on their very own Dance Petrol Records with an ode to Breakbeat House.

Christoph Maier and Markus Reisinger are the masterminds behind the duo So.undso. Along with Munich-based producer Jorginho Joao, they finally decided to have a label to call their own: Launched in 2020, the interesting Dance Petrol Records is a safe space for up & coming artists from all over the world. Focusing on House Music and its many sub-genres, the outlet brings to life its sixteenth EP – the first of the year (it was about time) – featuring four exquisite originals made with love, expertise, and creativity by the duet bosses themselves.

Inspired by their latest interactions with Breakbeat, Electronica, Acid, Electro, and House, the “Alte Spuren” EP, coming soon on their DPR, brings Christoph & Markus competently and expertly expressing their craft through an eclectic and flush tapestry of sonorities.

Premiered here, “Stromabwärts” is an enticing cut with pulsing basslines, haunting vocals, and intricate percussion, elements that create a dark and brooding atmosphere, highly frenzied, though, spiked with broken rhythms.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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