491 // Joe Lewandowski – Lino Disko

Forthcoming on SKYLAX Records, another Joe Lewandowski adventure.

HOT RELEASE ALERT! Joe Lewandowski (SXDNS347/FREEDL044 & 053) is back on the mighty Paris-based outlet SKYLAX. After his well-received “Here I Am” made in collaboration with French singer STOLT and German virtuoso Lauer, the super fresh “Blues Dream” EP comes packed with two stunning originals and a fangy remix made with love by Mexican wizard Mufti. In “Lighter Baby”, the opening track, STOLT jumps in with his magic voice once again. These two, playing live, would be a hell of a show, wouldn’t they?

With previous works published on cool labels such as Amsem, Rituel, Nothing Is Real, and SKYLAX itself, Joe is on his steady way to stardom. His impeccable technique, both performing and producing, has turned him into one of the acts to watch for the last couple of years.

The tune we chose to review/premiere is one of these themes in which Joe managed to bring together his most crystal-clear influences. New Wave, Italo, and Rock stroll hand in hand in a plethora of his endeavours resulting in a trademark sonority, and in “Lino Disko” the magic formula is flawlessly executed. The bouncing bassline and the trippy guitar riffs cannot go unmentioned – they are definitely the most beautiful elements of the track.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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