497 // Jakob Mäder – Too Many Melodies (Slow Mix)

Jakob Mäder is back on Constant Change with the Part II of his latest creation.

Jakob Mäder needs no introduction, but let’s say a few words about him for those who were away in one of our colonies in Mars or Saturn for the last few years: With acclaimed appearances on vital outlets such as Frank Music, Nothing Is Real, Mister T. Records, theBasement Discos, Romantica, Midnight Operators, and his very own Constant Change, the skilled German artist is on his way to stardom. His impeccable and unmistakable productions allied with flawless and upbeat DJ sets put his career on the way to achieving even greater goals.

His brand-new adventure, another incursion on Constant Change, is so full of possibilities that Jakob has ingeniously decided to split it into two parts: The first, featuring Original Mix and Drum Tool, came to life this June. The second, presenting Slow Mix and Ambient Mix, is scheduled to be published in July.

The version we were solicited to review/premiere develops its magic in 111 BPM. Yes, it is basically its original counterpart speeded down. The main elements are all there: Piano chords, a rolling bassline, and a bunch of melodies. But it is impressive how the message sounds completely different. Jakob’s idea of delivering various versions of a single piece is proof of his creativity. A Part III would be definitely something. Challenge accepted? 😉

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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