496 // Goodbye Mirage – Meaning Of The Triptych

The super cool Vilnius-based imprint Electric Shapes opens its doors for Goodbye Mirage and his outstanding new EP.

We usually write 100% of our reviews. But the PR text of the Lithuanian label Electric Shapes for its forthcoming episode is so insightful that we decided to reproduce some excerpts of it below:

“Everyone is an observer at some point in time. Everybody is watching, observing, and researching something in their own life.

Whether it is the old Hindu looking forward to the time when his body will be carried in a shroud to the last journey to the Ganges by the scent of flowers and then he has been liberated from the cycle of samsara, or when the cataphract is finally done with its struggle and freed from its armour somewhere in the midst of the steppes of Eurasia.

Whether it is the blind man who enters his inner garden of silence and explores there the images that none of the rest of us can see.

Whether it is the viewer who floats in a difficult-to-grasp triptych.

What is “there” behind that observation? Something modest, or something that changes our lives?”

Beautiful, isn’t it? Now let’s focus on the music, shall we? Martin Kuška is the mastermind behind the project Goodbye Mirage. His brand-new release is coming hot on Electric Shapes: The “Turning Point Observer” EP is a ten-track endeavour divided into five well-constructed originals and five essential remixes made with love by Tassilo Vanhöfen, Feel Fly, Etbonz, Herzel, and Tadan. A true journey through which “you can constantly search for something new – the endless faith or doubt, the loneliness of days or the shining energy of social moments yet to come, body to body”.

Premiered here, “Meaning Of The Triptych”, the opening track of the EP, is an intricate lucid-dream-infused cut in which Breakbeat and Leftfield converge and give birth to a Brian-Eno-meets-Underworld piece – that’s how good it is!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Goodbye Mirage and Electric Shapes, peeps!

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