499 // Ruksby – Dr. Shpritz (Andrea Zarco Remix)

This remix by Andrea Zarco for Ruksby's debut on Quixotical Records is definitely a must-have!

Another “coming-hot” release lands on Quixotical Records: Alexander Klygin aka Ruksby (SXDNS256), the man of the hour, cooked two spicy originals for his debut on the rising Argentinian/Lithuanian label. The “Dr. Shpritz” EP comes also with four savoury remixes made with love by Memory Clap Acid, Teavatea, Andrea Zarco, and Caramel Chameleon.

Alex has been having quite a ride so far. His latest incursions on Logia, Veneno, Rare Wiri, NEIN, System 108, Oberwave, and U’Re Guay are solid evidence of his creativity and versatility in as much as he has managed to deliver not only high-stamina peak time cuts but also slo-mo retro-infused themes: His deal ranges from Disco to Techno, it’s simple like that.

Andrea Zarco, the author of the remix premiered here, is still at the beginning of her career in the production realm. Her take on the title track indicates how promising she is, though. In her hands, the acid of “Dr. Shpritz” is now extremely bouncing. A less trippy and melodic version, but definitely a more upbeat one, we dare to say. The laser-like percussive layer is also an interesting addition of the talented young rookie. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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