500 // ANTIDOT – Mister Imposter

The last premiere before our (deserved) summer break is a special one: The 500th! 🥳 A stunning deliciousness by ANTIDOT coming soon on NEIN Records.

And that’s it: Our 500th premiere! Wow! What a journey so far! Having the opportunity of reviewing the work of so many outstanding producers has definitely enriched our luggage and invigorated our passion for music. From House to Techno, from EBM to Dark Disco, from Electro to Leftfield, from experimental to impossible-to-pigeonholing stuff… it has been a hell of a ride!

Not so long ago, in July 2019, we did our very first premiere: Günce Aci (SXDNS129) remixed by Leonor (SXDNS034/TAKEOVER002) on Esthétique Records: The remix, “with its oriental atmosphere combined with acid and percussive elements, is a true journey through the unusual hotchpotch of so many musical influences of these great artists”, we wrote on the occasion.

And now, four years later, the magic number. Doing the honours, the super cool Paris-based duo ANTIDOT formed by Remi (beats) and Dorothée (lyrics/vocals), two soulmates who decided to use their talent in order to bring some love to the dance floor. Their debut EP, featuring four retro-infused originals, is coming too-hot-to-trot on the British powerhouse NEIN Records and is a true showcase of the couple’s capabilities.

Premiered here, “Mister Imposter” heralds some of the main influences of the twosome by delivering a “Miss Kittin & The Hacker meets Patrick Cowley” aura with its absurdly fat bassline and physical vocals. Solid! And that the marathon to the 1.000th begins!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow ANTIDOT and NEIN, peeps!

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