506 // Jonas Gottlieb – Discotelli

Jonas Gottlieb and Dance Petrol Records have met again.

Dance Petrol Records is a House Music & subgenres German label whose vast and ever-growing catalogue presents the work of not only rising but also established artists. One of them is Jonas Gottlieb, a secretive and promising German DJ and producer based in München – yes, that’s almost everything we know about him, the lad is one of those rare people who are not that much into exposing their lives in social media and whatnot. Respect!

However, we also know that this is not his first rodeo on Dance Petrol: His previous appearances were as a contributor of the volumes 001 and 002 of “Selected Fuels”, the solid VA series of the imprint. On both occasions, he came up with high-quality House Music gems, depicting sophisticated creativity and sharp skills, which resulted in the opportunity of now having his first solo release.

The single comes packed with, yes, sophisticated creativity and sharp skills, but shows a different side of Jonas’ sonority: Less classic, and more progressive, “Discotelli” delivers its message with heavy doses of French Disco elements with its robust bassline, melodic guitar(-like) riffs, a dreamy arpeggiated synth layer, and delicious vocodered lyrics.

What’s next on Jonas’s path? Hopefully a full EP. Looking forward!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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