507 // Miss Zagato – Cigarettes (Ledi Cannit Remix)

Miss Zagato remixed by Ledi Cannit coming soon on Kyma Komplex.

Leila Russack is the mastermind behind the project Miss Zagato. Hailing from Wiltshire, United Kingdom, the rising & shining artist has been on fire this year with a solid string of well-received works published on vital labels amid the Indie Dance/Dark Disco stratosphere: Distrokid, Golden Soul, Quixotical, Kyma Komplex, and La Dame Noir, to be more precise.

Either pressing keys on her analog synthesizers or lending her voice to outstanding collaborators, Miss Zagato’s eclectic sonority has an interesting trademark: no room for fluffiness – the lady likes her stuff raw and complex.

Her forthcoming incursion, soon on Kyma Komplex, is properly named after two of her favourite mundane pleasures: “Whiskey & Cigarettes”, a four-track EP divided into two, yes, raw and complex originals plus two insightful remixes made with love by Ledi Cannit and Basura & Mierda. Premiered here, the former’s version.

Ledi Cannit is a promising Turkish producer who had her first piece released on Kyma’s “Varias Artistas” compilation in January this year. For her take on “Cigarettes”, she started speeding things up (from 118 to 123 BPM) and ripping some of the EMB aura of the original. The result is a trippier and more upbeat interpretation but still dark as hell.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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