511 // Ohad Slavin – Avir

Buenos Aires meets Tel Aviv: Fértil Discos opens its doors for Ohad Slavin.

Another psychedelic trip lands on the fruitful catalogue of Fértil Discos, this time from the creative and insubordinate mind of Ohad Slavin, a composer, musician, and producer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Don’t think he restrains himself to his Middle East influences, though; his sonority knows no boundaries and encompasses streaks whose origins can be traced back to many different corners scattered throughout this little and dainty blue dot of ours.

With well-received appearances on vital Balearic/Downtempo imprints such as kosa, trndmsk, Amselcom, Cafe De Anatolia, Forward Music, Digital Diamonds, and Conexa Records, Ohad debuts on Fértil with “Yesodot” (“elements” in Hebrew), a four-track (one of them featuring Armenian opera singer Gayane Sahakyan) immersive journey into his rich and multicultural soundscape.

Premiered here, “Avir” enchants with a plural and deep combination of ingredients: ethereal vocal stabs, exciting marimba layers, and groovy percussive elements result in a true sensorial experience. It cannot go unmentioned that this is the first release from a non-Latin American artist on the Argentinean label. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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