512 // Calystarr – Rocking On Night

Calystarr is back on Espacio Cielo and remixed by ROTCIV and Cannibal Coconuts, FYI.

After his first appearance on Espacio Cielo with his “Reborn” EP, released in October last year, Calystarr is finally back on the mighty Spanish outlet with his brand-new endeavour: “Rocking On Night” comes wrapped in a groovy-meets-darkness aura and delivers its message by featuring three ace originals plus two top-notch remixes made with love by none other than ROTCIV (SXDNS069) and Cannibal Coconuts.

Hailing from Chiclana De La Frontera, Spain, Adrián Calystarr has been having a busy routine so far with fresh & ripe works on When Disco Goes Wrong, NEIN, and Golden Soul, besides Espacio, just to name a few, plus a string of well-constructed edits on his Bandcamp page – at which you definitely should take a peek.

Premiered here, the title track opens the EP with a powerful attitude: Fast-paced, embodied, Trance-clad, and rock-infused, “Rocking On Night” is a theme with pizzazz, ready to wreak havoc on sweaty and packed dance floors – the dark ones, preferably, we are not dealing with a fluffy pool-party/open-air piece here, for Pete’s sake!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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