518 // DJ MELTED, NOTOTHERDUDE & Lautert – Outubro (Muratore Remix)

DJ MELTED, NOTOTHERDUDE & Lautert debut on Me Gusta remixed by Muratore and T_Pazos.

Three young talents went to a bar… That would be a good way to start the story that led DJ MELTED, NOTOTHERDUDE, and Lautert to join forces and come out with their forthcoming arrival on Me Gusta Records. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, the trio lands on the carioca imprint with a pumped four-track EP divided into two fangy originals and two insightful remixes made with love by Muratore and T_Pazos, the label owner himself.

Featuring an unusual hotchpotch of references, “Lojinha” comes packed with touches of Brazilian Funk, House, Lo-Fi, Leftfield, and Indie Dance, resulting in an interesting and creative selection of dance-floor-oriented cuts.

With previous appearances on Subliminar and Diversall Music, Lautert is the most seasoned of the gang. DJ MELTED and NOTOTHERDUDE, in turn, are making their official debut in the producing realm – and they are starting off on the right foot, we dare say.

Caio Muratore, who is also debuting on Me Gusta, is the mastermind behind the remix we were kindly solicited to premiere. His take on “Outubro”, with its trippy and sober aura, is undoubtedly the perfect closing for the release. He managed to keep the stamina and the drive of the original but went nuts with the Lo-Fi mood. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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