517 // Moozeic – Pandora 9 (Forest Louche Remix)

Brazil meets Mexico! Moozeic returns to Kyma Komplex with a tropical remix by Forest Louche.

So many new and interesting acts out there. You need to keep your eyes and ears sharp to filter and avoid missing some proper stuff that comes out literally hourly. A good tip to “dig deep” is to follow the releases of labels that dare to publish the work of the still unknown but promising faces. The Mexican outlet Kyma Komplex is one of these imprints. They open the doors one more time for Joici Borges and Manuella Wintrich, the two parts who form the complex mosaic of sonorities of the Brazilian duo Moozeic.

After remixing Veltrán’s “Noches” for his debut on Quixotical Records, Moozeic became official artists of Kyma, having appeared with originals and remixes three times since then. Their fifth incursion, “Continuum 6”, is a six-track EP featuring two intriguing originals and four insightful remixes made with love by Cometran, Luca Lucena, Forest Louche, and Lorran.

Premiered here, Forest Louche’s version comes packed with his traditional “acid nature” sonority. With entrances on Shango, Inner Shah, Ulla, Levels Rec, Ohxala, and Subliminar, just to name a few, the also Brazilian producer, for his take on “Pandora 9”, decided to slow things down a notch by bringing the 126 BPM of the original to his 120 turf. With personal tweaks & touches here and there, the result is a less complex and more House-meets-Disco-meets-Tropicality cut – the “acid nature” outcome mentioned above.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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