534 // Bernardo Campos – House Em Botafogo (Manuel Sahagun RawMix)

Bernardo Campos remixed by Manuel Sahagun and Imanol coming soon on U're Guay Records.

When it comes to featuring high-quality South American/Latino underground electronic music, the super cool Montevideo-based U’re Guay Records fails to disappoint. Every single release in their vast catalogue presents a true showcase of the hermanos’ talent in combining sharp production skills with a buttload of creativity.

For its forthcoming Volume, the Uruguayan outlet opens its doors to Bernardo Campos, a Rio De Janeiro-based artist highly established in the carioca nightlife scene, who brought to the party two made-for-the-dance-floor cuts and invited Manuel Sahagun and Imanol, the label boss himself, for the remix duties.

The track we chose to premiere is a beautiful tribute to Botafogo, a breathtaking beachfront neighbourhood in Rio. According to Wikipedia, the word Botafogo also refers to a Latin American ballroom dance move, named so because it originated in the area. Manuel Sahagun’s RawMix brings the original to a dirtier and more acid realm, filled with synth distortions and stabs topping the bouncing and frolic bassline.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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