535 // Ancestral Beats – Llanito (Radio Edit)

Outstanding compilation alert! Coming soon on Fértil Discos, check Ancestral Beats' contribution and get delighted!

Sometimes, the PR text sent by the label is so rich and detailed that we decide to use it for the premiere instead of writing a lousy one:

Fértil Discos presents “Paisajes”, the first compilation that makes visible landscapes at risk of extinction in Latin America. With a conglomerate of global producers from countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, among others, the VY proposes 14 tracks (…) that dialogue with the environment to introduce us to different geographies that suffer the consequences of human exploitation.

With every playback, the Buenos Aires-based non-profit Germinar makes these scenarios visible, repairs them, and contributes to managing with environmental awareness and responsibility, rethinking culture and industry in the context of the global ecological crisis.

The album includes the participation of established artists such as El Remolón, the recently disappeared (RIP) Kraut together with Rumbo Tumba, the Colombian Mente Orgánica or Yoyoyo (the side project of the Chilean dream pop band Tunacola). Other artists such as Ignacio La Conga, Cuervo Cuervo, the duo composed by Fu-5 and the charanguista Patricio Sullivan, Andesónica, are also on board.

Each song speaks about a different landscape, such as the drums of Lascivio Bohemia denounce the mega-mining of the Andean Chocó, the charango of Yoyoyo makes visible the water emergency and pollution of the Atacama Desert, while El Remolón and Brawlio make a parallelism between the burnings of the Telesita and the wetlands in the Paraná delta.

Nicolas Alejandro Cantor González is a Colombian Latin music producer with more than ten years of experience in the music industry. His work has been highlighted in commercials, and Hollywood and Netflix productions. During the 2020 pandemic, Nicolas decided to delve deeper into his connection with music and created Ancestral Beats.

“Llanito” is an instrumental joropo track that takes us to the beautiful but dangerous Colombian-Venezuelan landscapes. Part of the border has been seriously invaded by paramilitary people and turned into a quite dangerous area. In the last years, a great deforestation has been created for cattle raising and tourism purposes.

With Llanito, you feel the energy and power of the joropo, but also its romanticism and beauty. In this birdlike air, the llanera harp leads the melody while the cuatro, the bass, and the capachos form a solid base. Although normally the essence of Pajarillo is found in his voice and lyrics, on this occasion it was decided to give priority to the instrumentation to create a new experience.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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