546 // Joe Lewandowski & DJ Football – Play That Game

Joe Lewandowski debuts on Friendsome Records with a splendid four-track EP. We reviewed his collaboration with DJ Football: It's dazzling!

Would you like to play a game? The Paris-based rising star musician Joe Lewandowski (SXDNS347) challenges you to stay away from his freshest release coming soon on Friendsome Records. Mission: Impossible if you are into high-quality retro-infused Indie Dance/Dark Disco cuts, and even more impossible if you are a vinyl lover – yeah, his forthcoming instalment will also be available in twelve inches: “Clair-Obscur” comes with four remarkable originals, two of which in collaboration with French producers Manlia (“Power”) and DJ Football (“Play That Game”). The latter, premiered here.

With well-received appearances on Amsem, Skylax, Les Disques Pavillon, and Nothing Is Real, Joe has been drawing a lot of attention with his outstanding fusion of organic instruments and synthesisers. It’s not uncommon to see him soaking his productions with his self-made guitar riffs and bass lines, a consequence of his Rocker years.

For his partnership with DJ Football, Joe opened the vaults of his Post-Punk influences and came up with a brilliant Ian-Curtis-meets-New-Order theme. With a progressive and avant-garde aura, “Play That Game” is one of the best tracks of the year so far. However, not everyone will dare play it at peak time – where it belongs. The reason: It is a too-bold track and not every DJ has the guts to do it. Challenge accepted?

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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