545 // A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo – Kino Toi

A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo strike again! This time on Warning!

WARNING! The compilation described below is mind-blowing!

The Berlin-based label Warning amassed a huge group of fantastic artists for its forthcoming release: “WARIOUS1” comes packed with a “dangerous amount of banging tunes” made with love by “long-time companions and fresh connections” such as Remotif, Papa Nugs, A-Tweed (SXDNS222) X Oltefuturo, DesirĂ©e Falessi, Caldera, shjva, VBK, Viikatory, and Que Sakamoto (SXDNS320) + NT, just to name a few.

Premiered here, the outstanding result of the collaboration between the Italian producers Antonio De Oto and Valerio Ebert, respectively known as A-Tweed and Oltefuturo. This is not the first rodeo they face together, their fruitful partnership has already seen the daylight on vital imprints such as Fauna Reve, Sinchi, Electric Shapes, Multi Culti, and Haus Of Beats Diskak.

For their debut on Warning, the Ragazzi conceived another cut filled with their characteristic acid-meet-weirdness sonority, this time with even heavier doses of psychedelia and hallucinations, though, triggered by distorted and frenzied elements, including the intriguing Portuguese vocals which cannot go unmentioned.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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