550 // Trulz & Robin – 1. O’Clock (Bjørn Torske, Trym & Erik Remix)

Bjørn Torske and Trym & Erik cooked a savoury remix for Trulz & Robin's return on Snick Snack Music.

When an album gets a remixed version, it is usually a sign the original release is worth revisiting. That’s the case of Trulz & Robin’s “Out Of Sync”, issued in June this year on Snick Snack Music. Featuring nine originals plus Club Edits of “Inside Of Me” and “U Get Some” and an Instrumental Mix of “This Is Love”, the endeavour is a true showcase of the Norwegian duo’s influences and capabilities; an outstanding multi-genre journey depicting proper House, Techno, and whatnot themes.

For the comeback, three EPs will be brought to light within the next months, starting with the “Remixes Part 1”, obviously, which comes furnished with notable interpretations made with love by Prins Thomas, DanceMusicTherapy, and Bjørn Torske, Trym & Erik. Premiered here, the latter’s collaboration.

The Norwegian gang of young virtuosos got together to deliver an unexpected take of “1 O’Clock”. Using Caracaxá-like injections and tribal percussive layers, Bjørn Torske, Trym & Erik came up with a complex and mosaical score, a true immersive experience into the wild jungle of their innermost influences.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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