559 // Eftersom – Lie

The fruitful partnership between Eftersom and Paradise Children has a brand-new chapter!

“Lie” is something you say that you know is not true: “Tech House is better than House”, for example. It is also the name of the forthcoming album of the geographically separated, musically united French trio Efterson. Formed by Jérôme Darmois, Anna Masurel (Ravage Sentimental) and Chris Vella (Modern Romance), the trinity comes for its third appearance on Paradise Children Records – the sole label on which they have their eclectic and rich outcome published, by the way.

“Alone on My Pillow” (2021) and “Tourne Tourne” (early 2023) paved the road for the bona fide thirteen-track “Lie” – yeah, all originals! Their first adventure without any remixes on board and a true showcase of their capabilities and creativity.

From the original album PR text: “The title track”, premiered here, “uses broad strokes and flicks to splash colour across a lucent opener. Here, a thread is sewn which is weaved and braided into delicate and delicious pop, irresistible Indie and raw, restive Electro. Lie is punctuated by breakdowns which travel down with an energy that pulls the album forwards.”

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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