558 // Disco Sour – Cold Inside

Super compilation coming soon on Footjob! Check Disco Sour's bit and get delighted!

When it comes to delivering high-quality Disco-infused House Music gems, the Darmstadt-based label Footjob, managed by Phonk D (SXDNS157), has been second to none for quite some time now. Local heroes such as Le Rubrique, Lukas Lehmann, and Sascha Ciminiera plus internationally acclaimed artists of the likes of Gerd Janson, Shan, and Tilman have already appeared on the interesting German imprint.

Footjob’s forthcoming release, the third volume of its acclaimed “Footure Classics” VA series, brings the combination of all-time stars – Lukas, Sascha, and the big boss himself – along with new faces – The Dead Rose Music Company, Siggatunez & Rolf Royce, Claus Casper, Most Haunted, and Disco Sour (SXDNS390), resulting in the best instalment of the series so far, in our humble opinion.

Premiered here, the bouncing and frolic contribution made with love by the rising and shining Darmstadter duo Disco Sour. “Cold Inside” is a contemporary revision of a 40-year-old classic, 100% clad in nowadays’ colours, and ready to impress even the most demanding fans of modern funky cuts out there.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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