563 // Damo Mementto – Vamos A La Playa

Spoiler Alert: You are going to fall in love with this sandy remix of an eternal classic made by the Mexican duo Damo Mementto!

Back in the days, we were big fans of Righeira, an Italian duo formed in Turin in 1983, that comprised schoolmates Johnson and Michael Righeira. Together, they explored some of the main rising genres of the time such as Italo Disco, Synthpop, and New Wave.

If their name has not rung the bell so far, the title of the track premiered here today will certainly help you out. Got it now? There you go! Released as the second single from their debut eponymous studio album, “Vamos A La Playa” fast hit the charts and catapulted the duo’s career.

Forty years later, the classic is once again revisited, this time on the hands of the creative Mexican project Damo Mementto, formed by The Jonjo, also known as Tony Privoltia, and Max Kracer, aka “The Maxician”. Their forthcoming endeavour, “TORMENTTA”, comes packed with nostalgia by presenting four iconic 80s & 90s unforgettable gems, heavily revisioned, twisted, and wrenched, though. The Righeira’s sunny and frolic creation is now an intense and embodied cut with an Italo-meets-Post-Punk gait, ready to bring another 40 years to the legacy of the original.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the artists.

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