564 // Demeate – Space-Time Sleaze

Sound Du Jour wraps up 2023 with a vital EP by Demeate.

For its fifth episode, the last of the year, the rising & shining British label Sound Du Jour welcomes skilled producer Robert Woodward aka Demetae and his exciting three-track “Space-Time Sleaze” EP. Pleasantly troubled by his many influences, the promising Manchester-based artist has a sonority that spams throughout many spectres of dance-floor-oriented electronic music. From House and Acid to Techno and Electro, his output allows him to flirt successfully with a great deal of genres. His brand-new endeavour, for instance, presents heavy doses of Electro Funk – and it’s simply outstanding!

Premiered here, the title track comes packed with a psychedelic and hypnotic but extremely rocking gait. Vocoded lyrics topping rhythmic breakbeats and percussive elements help to set the retro-infused tone and trigger sweet memories of Afrika Bambaataa and Warp 9. The acid atmosphere delivered by the sequenced synth riffs cannot go unmentioned. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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