566 // So.undso – Just Like Before

So.undso are back on their own Dance Petrol Records with a stunning Italo-Disco-infused beast!

The interesting Dance Petrol Records wraps its solid 2023 season by delivering the third episode of its end-of-the-year traditional compilation “Selected Fuels”. Through their bits, Jorginho Joao, Etur Usheo, Masupilami & Ferdi Funkestein, and So.undso, the label bosses themselves, precisely showcase the essence of the sonority intended by the German imprint: House Music at its very best independently of the position the theme occupies within the vast spectrum of the genre.

Premiered here, Christoph and Markus’s contribution must have startled those familiar with their output as So.undso. Heavily influenced by early House and Garage with shards of Disco, the Bavarian duo decided to cook something way different to the colourful VA: “Just Like Before” comes soaked in Italo blended with a powerful acid aura. The throbbing bassline and playful synth layers & leads set the tone of the frolic and upbeat cut devoted to making people hit the dance floor, shut up, and dance!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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