565 // Anastasia Zems – Shadow Theatre

This super track by Anastasia Zems is coming hot on Bonkers Records!

Founded in 2018 in Mexico, Bonkers is now based in the Old Continent, in Barcelona to be more precise. The prolific Latino imprint celebrates its fifth anniversary by bringing to life “Year V”, an eight-cut compilation featuring some of the most interesting names amid the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene: Hailing from various corners of this doomed little blue dot of ours, Nick Hanzo (SXDNS065) & Heidenreich (SXDNS142) Feat. Das Molekuel, JGR & Yahaira, Lebollet, Ledi Cannit, Kubebe, Ludviq & Mandruvá, Yotam Russo, and Anastasia Zems (SXDNS169) came up with some top-notch stuff for the celebratory VA.

The cover art is called “Lost Garden” by Michael Rozen. His paintings focus on raising awareness to the impacts on the ecosystems provoked by the parasite species that rules the planet.

The track we were solicited to premiere brings Anastasia at her very best! “Shadow Theatre” offers the perfect balance between darkness and danceability delivered by a strength-meets-groovy formula and a pinch of acid, resulting in a sharp and vivid dance-floor-filler theme.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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