568 // Pim Secle – Ostar Nezgodan Brz (Original Mix)

WE ARE BACK! Kicking off the 2024 premiere season, Pim Secle's debut on Espacio Cielo!

To go by car from Montenegro, the beautiful Balkan country whose rugged mountains and medieval villages enchant its visitors at first sight, to Oviedo, Spain, you have to drive for more than 30 hours and cross France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. A long but pleasant joyride, we could say. By plane, the journey would take less than 8 hours – but flying is dreadly boring, isn’t it?

Whichever you prefer, it matters little to the mastermind behind our very first premiere of 2024: All Vesko Lazović aka Pim Secle had to do to make his demos reach the capital of Asturias was to send a SoundCloud top secret link for the appreciation of the Espacio Cielo team.

Originals approved – one in collaboration with Orchid (SXDNS317) and DIJAGNOZA, by the way –, the hunting for remixers promptly began and resulted in the recruitment of the skilled Spanish virtuoso Marinelli and the creative Bulgarian duo Technobeton.

Premiered here, His “Ostar Nezgodan Brz” conveys its message through the interesting multi-genre concoction of influences Pim managed to bring together: Expect shards of EBM, Synthwave, and Trance, intertwined, fused, blended, resulting in an acid & dark but frolic & upbeat theme.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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