569 // Amps – Disinformation Tactics

Super track by Amps coming soon on Out Records!

Releasing a compilation is not an easy task. Selecting and then inviting 4, 8, 10 artists or more, establishing a deadline, approving or not the demos, mastering… it is a nightmare! The final result can be a pleasant multi-genre journey whose soundscape represents exactly what the label owners want to deliver or a devious and jagged outcome.

For its very first VA, the cool Barcelona-based Out Records welcomed back some familiar faces such as Rocco.fx and Dromia and drafted a dream team of young talented debutantes: Amps, C.MØ, Dunkel, Jeremy Flagelo, Leon XIV, Mat Spiaggi, Micro.Tron, Papp, and POSSEF followed their hearts and came up with some hot stuff for the occasion.

Premiered here, Amps’ contribution, the opening act of the soiree, properly showcases the capabilities of the skilled Argentinian producer. For “Disinformation Tactics”, Lucas Mari opened up his acid tool kit once again and brought to life a frenzied Electro cut with a Holy-Moly amount of, yeah, acid soaking it from top to bottom. The result is a peak-time-only melter!

The intriguing artwork by gønz cannot go unmentioned.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

Follow Amps and Out Records, peeps!

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