571 // Roma Zuckerman – Extra Work

Check Roma Zuckerman's debut album on Gost Zvuk and savour the moment!

We have already asked this before: When did you last listen to an entire electronic music album? Whether or not you are into such a treat, we highly recommend Roma Zuckerman’s “Phenomenon of Provincial Mentality” for your next degustation session.

Coming soon on digital and (double) vinyl formats on the intelligent Russian label Gost Zvuk, the 11-track endeavour is an absolute showcase of the creativity and craft of the Krasnoyarsk-based virtuoso. We are not 100% sure if Roma managed to explore the entirety of his influences, but IDM, Minimal, Electronica, Experimental, Techno, and impossible-to-pigeonhole cuts set the scene for a true multi-sensorial journey.

Premiered here, “Extra Work”, with its 156-BPM super frenzied gait, “harnesses a kind of pounding warehouse gabber energy with what sounds like a collage of shortwave radio voices”. Too bad it is such a short track, a couple of extra minutes would be welcome here.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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