572 // Villaseñor – Dark Room

For the Techno lovers out there, this brutal track by Villaseñor is coming soon on U're Guay Records!

There are, certainly, many important and prolific electronic music Uruguayan labels whose output would deserve a wide and thorough excursion up & down their respectful catalogues. Our absolute winner is U’re Guay Records: When it comes to AAA+ Nu Disco/Indie Dance drops plus solid incursions into the House and Techno realms, the Montevideo-based imprint is second to none not only in comparison with local outlets but also in international pastures.

With the motto “From Illumination, Obscurity, and Everything Inbetween: An Audacious Musical Journey”, U’re Guay brings to life “Light, Dark And Inbetween”, a powerful multi-genre compilation featuring splendid works by Adrian Hour, Alberto Melloni, DYR, From House To Disco & PR.A.DO, Imanol, Ignacio, Kamila Govorčin, Leo Janeiro, MeMachine & Knorst & Vasconcellos, Panko, RomainFX, and Villaseñor.

Premiered here, the contribution made with love by the latter. Villaseñor is a rising and shining Mexican producer with previous well-received appearances on vital boutiques such as Veneno, Controlla, and Duro. For his debut on U’re Guay, he decided to go banger and came up with a fangy 150-BPM minimalistic Techno beast filled with ferocious synth stabs and mysterious vocal-like hooks.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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