582 // Statues – Slipstream

This must-have EP by Statues is coming soon on MM Discos.

The interesting Barcelona/Berlin-based label MM Discos, expertly managed by Da Silva & DJ Katah also known as the duo Moon&Mann, adds another chapter to its compelling story: “Night Runner”, the brand-new endeavour of the in-house collective Statues, hits the shelves of your favourite retailer before the official end of the European winter packed with five made-with-love beautiful authorial gems.

Hailing from London, Statues is fronted by Bradley Lucke and Mark Crooks and occasionally joined by a wide range of artists for spot-on collaborations. For those not familiar with their work, we recommend a quick stroll through their previous appearances on Claremont 56, eclectics, Is It Balearic…?, and MM Discos itself.

Premiered here, the opening theme of the EP is the result of the combination of bouncing percussive elements, melodic synth riffs, and a throbbing bassline. The enchanting vocals by Mochudi are the icing on the cake. A true cosmic Balearic trip infused with shards of psychedelic and Kraut elements, showcasing the talent of the team in bringing seamlessly together some of their most important influences.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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