584 // Younger Than Me – Sadness Is Only Way To Happiness

Younger Than Me is back on his very own 90's Wax with an imperative 13-track album!

One of the most prominent artists of his generation, Younger Than Me (SXDNS090), brings to life his most seminal work so far: “The Golden Age Of Love”, coming soon in digital and vinyl formats on 90’s Wax, represents his debut on the full-length album realm. A thirteen-track journey through his deepest influences, resulting in a must-have release filled with his signature sonority: “a modern interpretation of ’90s club music’ – a dynamic blend of Progressive House, Trance, EBM, Breakbeat, and Techno ideas.” On the collaboration front, none other than Massimiliano Pagliara (“Eternal Sunshine Of Solitary Mind”), Brame & Hamo (“Raver’s Heart Is A Mess”), and Pablo Bozzi (“We Don’t Know The Way, We Just Stay”).

With an impeccable full-of-gems discography, YTM’s acclaimed appearances on vital labels such as Pets Recordings, Ulla, Live At Robert Johnson, Relish, Les Yeux Orange, Bordello A Parigi, Freeride Millenium, and Dischi Autunno, just to name a few, paved the road to his brand-new endeavour. “The Golden Age Of Love”, despite delivering a super fresh landscape of sonorities, delivers a certain nostalgia for the lovers of the good ol’ 1990s out there. Sexy dinosaurs included.

Premiered here, “Sadness Is The Only Way To Happiness” is definitely one of the nostalgia triggers. “A Proto-Trance beast, inspired by that period in the early 90s when Trance was less bright lights and big stages and more dark rooms and smoke-filled spaces, an ever-building progressive run of haunting vocals, rave stabs, and rolling bass.”

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the artist.

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