598 // Diogo Strausz – Why Can’t We Be Together

For the fans of Brazilian Jazz-Funk-Samba-infused themes out there, Maestro Diogo Strausz's forthcoming album on Goutte d'Or Records is a must-have!

Waving between Rio de Janeiro and Paris, Brazilian producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Diogo Strausz has been for quite some time, despite the tender age, carving his name in stone amidst the most interesting “tupiniquim” artists when it comes to delivering high-quality Jazz-Funk-and-Samba-embedded themes. Little wonder that important multi-genre artists, such as JKriv, Castello Branco, and Alice Caymmi, to name a few, have already collaborated with the young virtuoso.

What defines Diogo’s sonority? Imagine Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Tim Maia, Deodato, and Cassiano, together, brainstorming, jamming, experimenting… The result would be something we have heard before – especially during the vibrant Carioca scene of the 1970s, right? But fast forward to the 2000s and here it comes Strausz’s modern touch with shards of Disco, bits of Electronica, and a pinch of Acid.

His brand-new album lives up to its name: “Samba From Outer Space”, coming soon in vinyl and digital formats on the French label Goutte d’Or Records, delivers seven and eleven tracks, respectively. The difference: The solid remixes by Voilaaa, Jex Opolis, and JKriv will not be available on the hard copy, unfortunately.

Premiered here, “Why Can’t We Be Together” is a zero gravity experience with its Cosmic Balearic atmosphere and soothing vocals. The Samba gait allied with Jazzy fragments result in a compelling and entrancing theme.

Diogo is coming to the old continent for a tour this Spring, by the way. France, Germany, and the UK on the itinerary. Stay tuned!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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