599 // Mattyuzalem – Back To Bancel

Mattyuzalem debuts on Italo Heat with an interesting 5-original EP!

Italo Heat is a brand-new Amsterdam-based imprint whose focus on the fun and upbeat sonority of the 1990s, especially Italo Disco & Trance, will surely guarantee a few hits in its under-construction catalogue.

After its debut release last November – an interesting compilation featuring five rising and promising young talents from various corners of our little and doomed blue dot –, Italo Heat brings to life its very first EP: “Finistero Disco” by French producer and co-founder of the Ryugu collective Mattyuzalem.

With a progressive and colourful aura, “Finistero” perfectly matches the label’s intended sonority. By blending Italo and Trance elements, Mattyuzalem showcases his ability to bring together a few of his many an influence without clashing them in order to deliver something still raw but with a lot of good ideas and room for evolution – this is also his very first EP, by the way.

The theme we selected to premiere/review, “Back To Bancel”, reeks of Trance vibes. Frolic synth leads, ethereal choir-like vocals, and a naughty throbbing bassline set the mood of this proper peak-time beast.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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