601 // Laion – Virtues Of Idleness (Sex Kino Remix)

Sex Kino's remix for Laion's (thePhilosophica) solo flight on Club Mackan is an ode to acid!

Some EPs are beautifully named, aren’t they? “Melodic Incidents In An Irrational World”, coming soon on the rising and shining Swedish label Club Mackan, is maybe the most interesting music release title we have seen in ages! We could not expect anything different from the mastermind behind such a thought-provoking caption: Laion is part of thePhilosophica (SXDNS307), an Amsterdam-based trio whose philosophy-soaked way of life inspires the gang to come up with an intelligent approach to electronic music which can lead us to have reflective thoughts about the human condition.

The fact that this is his debut solo EP does not mean Laion is a greenhorn. His previous pieces as thePhilosophica were published on vital outlets such as Aeon, Mosaique, Mélopée, and Club Mackan itself and brought a deserved spotlight for their keen output.

On the remix duties for “Melodic Incidents In An Irrational World”, equally outstanding works made with love by Bubs, Pianopoli, and Sex Kino. Premiered here, the latter’s interpretations.

The Swedish duo needs no introduction amid the so-called Indie Dance scene. With a discography full of gems published on Parlophone, HEARec, Roam, SkyCrew, Record Union, and Soil, James Brook (former Pardon Moi) and Josefine Larsson could not debut on Club Mackan in a better way. Their “hypnotic robotic Acid Trance take” on “Virtues Of Idleness”, with its eerie and sanguine aura, is undoubtedly one of the release’s highlights.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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