600 // So.undso – Morso Di Serpente

Our 600th Premiere (fanfare playing): So.undso is back on Dance Petrol Records with some shut-up-and-dance gems!

“Imponiergehabe” (the German equivalent to “exhibitionism, imposing behavior”) is the name of the brand-new EP of the Munich + Passau-based duo So.undso coming soon on their very own Dance Petrol Records. Consisting of four tracks heavily influenced by Italo Disco and Trance, Chris & Markus set their foot on different soundscapes away from their customary House Music territory. Well, they warned about this change of behaviour in their previous appearance on DPR with “Just Like Before”, their contribution for the volume 003 of the compilation series “Selected Fuels”, and its naughty Italo-infused bearing.

With solid appearances on Lisztomania, Mango Sounds, and DPR itself, the lads spare no efforts to keep evolving as artists and surprising their audiences with multi-genre-embedded cuts brought to life with high expertise and sharp creativity.

Premiered here, “Morso Di Serpente” (Italian for “snake bite” – yeah, Chris & Markus might have embarked on a language spree this time) may start with a House Music vibe, but it does not take long for the “folgado” (Portuguese for “sassy” – sorry, we could not resist joining the party) style of our beloved Italo Disco shows its face – and once it takes over the stage, it’s game on! A peak-time singularity is born!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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