615 // Lamalice – AAS

This delicious funky Electro gem by Lamalice is too hot to trot! Coming soon on Outdom Records.

Operating from Paris, the beautiful and romantic City of Light, Outdom Records and Collective lives up to the conception of its name (OUT-: in a manner that is greater, better, or more than something else & -DOM: referring to domain, rank or general condition) by seeking to deliver “out of the box” content through expertly curated releases and tailored events.

For their third delivery, the gang decided to give birth to the very first volume of their VA-series “Electric Tools”. The parcel, coming soon in vinyl and digital formats, could not be more faithful to the curators’ taste: Electro, Breaks, and Tech, Progressive & Minimal House elements get together and result in an interesting concoction devoted to triggering happy faces and creating perennial dance floor memories.

On board the old-meets-modern-school spaceship, Latent & Retrolog, two of the label honchos themselves, Bok.p, Lamalice, and Dixia Sirong spared no efforts to bring the best of their games for the soiree.

Premiered here, Lamalice’s contribution is an-early 00s Electro-infused beast with a devilish (kind of Brazilian) Funk gait and a naughty attitude towards its audiences. “Bouncing and breaking grooves”, as advertised in the PR text, guaranteed. Caveat emptor: It’s a booty shaker. Dance to it not moderately!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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