614 // Ivan Olson – Comandante (Guerrilla Mix)

Argentinian youth raise their voices against their stupid president in this rebel compilation coming soon on Kyma Komplex!✊

“To fight for other ways of being with others. To insist on nonconformity, on utopias, on other possible worlds. The protester imagines another future, takes over the street, the public space, the sound of the public sphere. To protest is to defend. To make the party its own. It expresses the hope that we can live in a different world, it brings out the anger. And what is electronic music, since its beginnings, if not a language of struggle, of the struggle for minorities, for rights, for equality, for community? In Argentina we are living in dark times, so: we protest.”

We could not start our review without copying & pasting the PR text of the forthcoming compilation of the rising & shining Mexican label Kyma Komplex. Featuring only Argentinean producers, “Protesta” transmits its message through six powerful cuts made with disapproval and objection by Viktoria Jauregui, Ludmila Fuks (SXDNS361), Genderless Goove, Mecha Corta, Ivan Olson, and Kil. Via their craft, the young and promising hermanas & hermanos expressed their indignation towards the scumbag who is currently governing their lovely country.

Premiered here, Ivan Olson’s very first release, with its flammable attitude, is a fierce and fiery theme ignited by furious synth layers and frantic percussive elements. The deep vocal-like pad and heavyweight funky gait cannot go unmentioned. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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