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Meet Tenderheart and his emotion-filled sonority!

Tenderheart is Oleg Tovkach, an introvert and creative Ukrainian producer whose passion in making music sparkled at a tender age, inspired by the “sound of rain drumming on the window” of his room, for instance. Bells tolling, leaves rolling, the wind blowing… everything could be the source of inspiration, and he ended up putting the family’s microphone to good use by registering his surroundings and mixing the result using two tape recorders. Maybe unknowingly following the steps of Martin Hannett who, reportedly, used to record silence from the top of hills in Manchester – there’s a memorable scene about it in the acclaimed 2002 film 24 Hour Party People, for your information.

Oleg has clearly evolved and developed more sophisticated production techniques as you can verify by browsing his extensive discography released mainly on his very own label Tenderheart Music with spot-on appearances on Amselcom, Inner Symphony, and Plastic City FX.

His forthcoming endeavour, as many of his themes, was “born in the depths of his soul”, filled with emotions and feelings translated into synths and chords devoted to triggering reflection, introspectiveness, daydreaming… soul-searching experiences enhanced by a perfect background soundtrack. Sometimes, the best dance floor you can be on is your own mind.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Juno Download page of the label.

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