627 // Ottoman Grüw & Inside Blur – Harsh Desire

Darkness at its best defines Ottoman Grüw & Inside Blur's debut EP on Khoinix.

Reference of the hardcore side of dance-floor-oriented music, the London-based label and party series Khoinix fails big time to disappoint the bats out there fans of EBM, Industrial, Dark Techno, Dark Disco & Whatnot. Featuring new and old faces of the realm, its growing discography is the place to be if you are not into fluffy sonorities while partying.

For its forthcoming episode, the outlet welcomes Brussels-based Ottoman Grüw and Montréal-based Inside Blur whose fruitful collaboration has already been issued on Soil Records and spotted on stages in North America and Europe. For the “Endless Desert” EP, they once again “seamlessly meld their respective musical styles into a cohesive whole, giving birth to the soundtrack for a picturesque decaying world” scenario. On the remix task force, Annika Wolfe, NGHTLY, Incendie, and sch_tsch tweaked and twisted their respective assigned tasks and came up with visceral interpretations.

Premiered here, “Harsh Desire” is one of those tracks dressed to impress! Its powerful and energetic aura is simply contagious. The unstoppable bassline brings a plethora of weight to the theme and demands a great deal of body strength to be danced to. Challenge accepted?

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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