628 // Schiela – ALL NIGHT, BABY! (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)

For his first appearance on Zombies In Miami's Creatures Of The Night, Benjamin Fröhlich cooked a sunny & refreshing remix for Schiela's very first release.

Curated by the beloved-by-all Mexican duo Zombies In Miami, Creatures Of The Night is one of those labels whose output manages to be virtually impeccable. Lauer, Mahkina (FREEDL038), Mystery Affair (SXDNS202), and Shubostar (SXDNS042) are some of the highlights of its growing discography. The new addition: Schiela’s “ALL NIGHT, BABY!”, featuring remixes by none other than Benjamin Fröhlich and Known Artist, marks his very first endeavour as a producer and showcases the potential of the rising & shining Berlin-based virtuoso who has been shaking both local and international dance floors with his vibrant and upbeat sonority.

Master Fröhlich – yeah, that guy from Permanent Vacation – debuts on Zombie’s outlet with a signature interpretation of the single. On his hands, “ALL NIGHT, BABY!” jumped from 132 to 122 BPM and had its cosmic Trance aura replaced by a groovy and frolic (pun not intended) percussive layer which dressed the beautiful vocals in a gala attire ready to make an impression during the hot European summer.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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