633 // Viva Viva Malagiunta – Viscia

Freaky Latin Downtempo meets Hip Hop beats in this out-of-the-box release by Viva Viva Malgiunta.

Coming respectively from Genoa and Buenos Aires, DJs and producers Filippo Quaglia aka FiloQ and Nahuel Martínez aka Mr.Paquiano, “cumbia masters” of the “Istituto Italiano di Cumbia All Stars”, joined forces with Italian drummer Matteo Marchese to give birth to the interesting multicultural band Viva Viva Malagiunta, “an ethnomusicology research project exploring the future to find a place in the present.”

Through their forthcoming four-track EP, “Viscera”, the lads pay homage to Cumbia Villera, a subgenre of cumbia music originated in Argentina in the late 1990s and popularized all over Latin America and Latin communities abroad.

Premiered here, the outstanding opening theme delivers a complex message by fusing Latin elements with Hip Hop beats and frolic FXs. The outcome is an insightful Downtempo cut with an upbeat aura and an acid gait.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the artists.

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