632 // Queer On Acid & Hard Ton – B_Ass

Luxxxury release alert! Queer On Acid & Hard Ton joined forces for another remarkable addition to Tripalium Corp's fast-growing discography.

The praised “Acid Avengers” series of the Brittany-based label Tripalium Corp reaches its thirtieth edition. A massive landmark, we would say. For the occasion, the French powerhouse welcomes none other than three beloved duos: Starting with the one & only Italian superstars Hard Ton (SXDNS176) in collaboration with brilliant Latvian everybody’s darling Queer On Acid, and British second-to-none Posthuman. The gang came up with a stunning four-track vinyl – plus a digital bonus – “mixing vicious Techno, hypnotic 303 lines, Acid House gimmicks, and psychedelic vocals.” As you might have imagined, the beasts here are intended for exclusive dance-floor use. Living room administration may trigger unexpected reactions from your neighbours: They will either call the police or join you for a little indoor (never-killed-nobody) bender, depending on the kind of people who surround your dwelling.

Premiered here, “B_Ass” is one of the most dangerous cuts of the soiree because of its, yeah, “motherf*cking bass”, as mentioned in the minimalistic but imposing lyrics delivered by Hard Ton’s Max vital entrance. It’s truly remarkable how he always manages to offer spot-on vocals for the duet’s productions. Psychedelic synth layers and a sharp acid line complete the theme, one of the highlights of the EP.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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